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Bluefield Natural Products Inc.

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73 Trans Canada Highway
Cornwall, PE C0A 1H0

Our mission is to provide products that are locally produced using natural inputs and sustainable farming methods, guaranteed quality and complete traceability.

Located in rural PEI, Bluefield Natural Products Inc. was established in May, 2008 with the belief that farming for quality does not need to make such a large environmental footprint. The commitment to organic farming practice runs deep for the owner of BNP (Bluefield Natural Products Inc.). The quality of our product along with potential health benefits for the consumer will always run parallel with our business practices.  Our products are not artificially preserved, nor are they given or fed any growth hormones.  As well, they are not administered any medicated feeds.  In keeping with the natural raising of our herd, all of our animals are given access to the outdoors.  Our feed program is also indicative of our commitment to a natural and organic regime as they are raised on grass and grains.  There are no waste/by products fed to our animals.  The majority of our feeds are produced on farm so that we have full control over quality and growing practices.

Our retail meat store, located on 73 Trans Canada Highway, across from the old North River rink carrys a wide variety of our natural & organic beef, pork, chicken and deli products, both fresh and frozen. In addition, we presently supply different restaurants and grocery stores in the Charlottetown area. Our butchering and packaging is done on-site by  John Betts who has 25 years experience in the industry. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can provide you and your family with the peace of mind you get from buying locally. Let us make your meal planning and entertaining a little easier.  We trust you will be completely satisfied with our products and look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at our store.  Buy local and make every bite Island Fresh!